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This page gives the status of the modules under unsupported/. Those module are work in progress, they often lack features, tests or documentation, and their API can change at any time.

Name Contact Code status Tests status Documentation status Date of start
Adolc forward module Gael This module only support the forward mode of adolc. It has now been superseded by our own AutoDiff module. ? ? February 2009
Aligned vector3 module Gael Pretty much complete. Could be improved a bit. Could be improved a bit. May 2009
Auto Diff module Gael Need some refactoring. ? None April 2009
BVH module Baran? ? ? Yes March 2009
Complex module Mark proof-of-concept code to verify that it is possible to make the result of operator& be castable to either Eigen::Complex or std::complex Minimal No June 2009
Fast Fourier Transform module Mark functional for 1-D cases with FFTW or KISSFFT backend.Some of the interface may still change. TODO: 2-D FFTs & Intel MKL backend Tests exist to test forward,inverse FFTs with sizes with various factors of 2s,3s,and 5s. float, double, long double are tested. FFTW backend is tested. No May 2009
Iterative solvers module Gael This module was only for Step. It need to be completely rewritten. ? Few February 2009
Matrix functions module Jitse Niesen Contains implementations for matrix exponential and other entire functions. Ready to switch to supported, as far as I (Jitse) am concerned. Matrix logarithm is missing. OK. One failing test, due to issues in Eigen core with 1×1 matrices (Benoît is working on this). Usable, but can be improved. May 2009
More vectorization module Rohit? ? ? None April 2009
Nonlinear optimization module Thomas Capricelli (orzel) I think it doesn't work yet with special matrices (Sparse...), though this is probably possible to achieve. The internal stuff still has and uses its own QR decompositions (both Givens and Householder). I'm waiting for the QR API to settle in Eigen (availability of Givens decomposition and stable API). The API should probably be factorized with other parts of Eigen, typically Iterative solvers. I think there are enough tests. Minimalist documentation is here. September 10th, 2009
Numerical differentiation module Thomas Capricelli (orzel) I don't expect to add any more feature or to change the API. There are few tests, could probably use more. Minimalist documentation is here, should be enhanced before switching to supported status. August 10th, 2009
Skyline module kayhman? ? ? Some November 2009