Paris 2010 Meeting

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The meeting was held in Paris, from Friday, February 19, to Sunday, February 21, 2010.

This was the first real meeting of the Eigen team (except of course for the huge 2009 World Conference).

Lots of discussion and development happened to prepare the upcoming 3.0 release, as well as more long-term items such as the beginning of SMP support within Eigen.

On Friday, we got the visit of Dodji Seketli from Red Hat, who introduced us to some GCC internals, and of Joel Falcou from Université Paris Sud who presented NT2.

The slides for most of the talks are available below.

Aron, Gael, Hauke, Mathieu, Thomas, Benoit
Aron, Gael, Hauke, Mathieu, Thomas, Benoit. Zoom


  • Aron Ahmadia, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  • Thomas Capricelli, Sylphide Consulting
  • Joel Falcou, LRI, Université Paris Sud (Friday morning)
  • Mathieu Gautier, CEA (Sunday)
  • Gael Guennebaud, INRIA Bordeaux
  • Hauke Heibel, Technische Universität München
  • Benoit Jacob, University of Toronto
  • Dodji Seketeli, Red Hat (Friday morning)
  • Manuel Yguel, INRIA (Friday)







  • Proposal for SVD decomposition API and TODO, by Benoit
  • Hacking


(Mostly hacking)


  • Mathieu: about providing a general Lie Group framework within Eigen.
  • Thomas: InModelia software for non linear models: what we do with Eigen.