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Following a mailing list discussion on how to reduce our open bugs and improve the maintenance of Eigen, this page intends to instruct volunteers on how they can contribute to Eigen.

If you are willing to contribute, add yourself at the end of this page!

This page is work-in-progress. Feel free to edit!


There are many tasks which require different levels and areas of expertise

  • Documentation
    • If you find undocumented or poorly or even wrongly documented functions or classes, report them. If you feel able then send us patches to improve the documentation.
  • Support
    • Answer user questions on our support channels.
    • Try to improve our FAQ with questions that arise frequently.
  • Unit testing
    • If you have some CPU hours to spare you can make nightly runs of our unit-testsuite. This would be especially helpful for rarely tested compilers.
  • Bugs
  • Build system
    • If you have experience with CMake you can help improving detection of available libraries or simplify the building process, of
  • Take part in API discussions
    • From time to time there are discussions on the mailing list or in bugzilla about new features or change requests in the current API. It helps to get feedback from many users on what kind of API they expect. This does not require being able to implement those changes!
  • Add other things to this list

Suggestions on how to work off the current bug list

As of June 2014 there are more than 300 open bugs! We need to work them off, eventually. We found several things that could help us doing so.

  • TODO: Write this list -- until then read the mailing list discussion linked above.


This section is to collect people who would like to regularly contribute to Eigen. If you intend to regularly contribute to Eigen, add yourself to this table. Add areas of interest, expertise, or anything else in the second column. This could be structured better in the future.

If you don't have write access to this wiki, ask an administrator.

Name Interests
Christoph Hertzberg API and Architecture Discussions, Reviewing patches, ...