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Benoit Jacob|Benoît Jacob||
Gael Guennebaud|Gaël Guennebaud||
Alex Stapleton|Alex Stapleton||Help with tough C++ questions
Moritz Lenz|Moritz Lenz||Allow solving transposed problem with SuperLU
Rohit Garg|Rohit Garg||Vectorized quaternion and cross products, improved integer product
Thomas Capricelli|Thomas Capricelli||[ Migration to mercurial], cron-job to update the online dox
David Benjamin|David Benjamin||Artwork: the owls
Ricard Marxer|Ricard Marxer||Reverse, redux improvements, the count() method, some dox
Christian Mayer|Christian Mayer||Early code review and input in technical/design discussions
Frank Meier-Doernberg|Frank Meier-Dörnberg||MSVC compatibility fixes
Stjepan Rajko|Stjepan Rajko||MSVC compatibility fix