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Notes to contributors

  • The contributors table on the Main Page is generated from the Mercurial repository and the block of additional data below. Edit that data to add the accented letters on your name, add a link to your homepage, and fill the last column.
  • In the last column, feel free to describe your contributions however you like. It's yours. It's hard for anyone else than you to fill it, because in many cases you made too diverse contributions to be fairly summarized in one short line, so only you can decide what you want to write there.
  • "No information" typically means that you sent anonymous patches, which was the only option at the time of SVN. Now that we are using Mercurial, as soon as you have configured it with your identity, you get credited for patches.
  • The Credits are updated twice a week by Thomas's cron job, so the changes you make will take a few days to be reflected.

Additional data

This data is parsed in the following format:


Notice that each line must have exactly 3 vertical bars, no less, no more. The two last fields may be empty.


  • MercurialName is your full name as known by Mercurial. If you haven't used mercurial, just let it be your full name.
  • RealName is how your want your full name actually printed. For example, if your MercurialName misses accented letters, you can add them here.
  • HomePage is the URL to your web page
  • LastColumn is as explained above
Benoit Jacob|Benoît Jacob||
Gael Guennebaud|Gaël Guennebaud||
Alex Stapleton|Alex Stapleton||Help with tough C++ questions
Moritz Lenz|Moritz Lenz||Allow solving transposed problem with SuperLU
Rohit Garg|Rohit Garg||Vectorized quaternion and cross products, improved integer product
Thomas Capricelli|Thomas Capricelli||[ Migration to mercurial], cron-job to update the online dox
David Benjamin|David Benjamin||Artwork: the owls
Ricard Marxer|Ricard Marxer||Reverse, redux improvements, the count() method, some dox
Christian Mayer|Christian Mayer||Early code review and input in technical/design discussions
Frank Meier-Dörnberg|Frank Meier-Dörnberg||MSVC compatibility fixes
Stjepan Rajko|Stjepan Rajko||MSVC compatibility fix
Jitse Niesen|Jitse Niesen||Matrix exponential, improved tutorial
Konstantinos A. Margaritis|Konstantinos A. Margaritis||AltiVec vectorization
Marcus D. Hanwell|Marcus D. Hanwell||CMake improvements. Marcus is a developer at Kitware!
Laurent Montel|Laurent Montel||CMake improvements. Laurent is (with Alexander) one of the CMake gurus at KDE!
Alexander Neundorf|Alexander Neundorf||CMake improvements. Alexander is (with Laurent) one of the CMake gurus at KDE!
Michael Olbrich|Michael Olbrich||Early patches, including the initial loop meta-unroller.
Kenneth Frank Riddile|Kenneth Frank Riddile||Lots of Windows/MSVC compatibility fixes
Peter Román|Peter Román||support for SuperLU's ILU factorization
Anthony Truchet|Anthony Truchet||Bugfix in QTransform and QMatrix support
Rhys Ulerich|Rhys Ulerich||Pkg-config support
Scott Wheeler|Scott Wheeler||Documentation improvements
Manuel Yguel|Manuel Yguel||Bug fixes and work on inverse-with-check
Armin Berres|Armin Berres||Lots of fixes (compilation warnings and errors)
Jure Repinc|Jure Repinc||CMake fixes
Andrew Coles|Andrew Coles||Fixes (including a compilation error)
Christian Ehrlicher|Christian Ehrlicher||MSVC compilation fix
Daniel Gomez Ferro|Daniel Gomez Ferro||Improvements in Sparse and in matrix product
Marijn Kruisselbrink|Marijn Kruisselbrink||CMake fixes
Jos van den Oever|Jos van den Oever||Compilation fix
James Richard Tyrer|James Richard Tyrer||CMake fix
Ingmar Vanhassel|Ingmar Vanhassel||CMake fix
Urs Wolfer|Urs Wolfer||Fixed a serious warning
Vincenzo Di Massa|Vincenzo Di Massa||CMake fix