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Eigen 3.0.4

Released December 6, 2011

Changes since 3.0.3:

  • Bug 363 - check for integer overflow in size computations
  • Bug 369 - Quaternion alignment is broken (and more alignment fixes)
  • Bug 354 - Converge better in SelfAdjointEigenSolver, and allow better handling of non-convergent cases
  • Bug 347 - Fix compilation on ARM NEON with LLVM 3.0 and iOS SDK 5.0
  • Bug 372 - Put unsupported modules documentation at the right place
  • Bug 383 - Fix C++11 compilation problem due to some constructs mis-interpreted as c++11 user-defined literals
  • Bug 373 - Compilation error with clang 2.9 when exceptions are disabled
  • Fix compilation issue with QuaternionBase::cast

Eigen 2.0.17

Released December 6, 2011

Changes since 2.0.16:

  • Fix a compilation bug in aligned_allocator: the allocate method should take a void pointer
  • Fix a typo in ParametrizedLine documentation

Eigen 3.0.3

Released October 6, 2011

Changes since 3.0.2:

  • Fix compilation errors when Eigen2 support is enabled.
  • Fix bug in evaluating expressions of the form matrix1 * matrix2 * scalar1 * scalar2.
  • Fix solve using LDLT for singular matrices if solution exists.
  • Fix infinite loop when computing SVD of some matrices with very small numbers.
  • Allow user to specify pkgconfig destination.
  • Several improvements to the documentation.

Eigen 3.0.2

Released August 26, 2011

Changes since 3.0.1:

  • Windows.h: protect min/max calls from macros having the same name (no need to #undef min/max anymore).
  • MinGW: fix compilation issues and pretty gdb printer.
  • Standard compliance: fix aligned_allocator and remove uses of long long.
  • MPReal: updates for the new version.
  • Other fixes:
    • fix aligned_stack_memory_handler for null pointers.
    • fix std::vector support with gcc 4.6.
    • fix linking issue with OpenGL support.
    • fix SelfAdjointEigenSolver for 1x1 matrices.
    • fix a couple of warnings with new compilers.
    • fix a few documentation issues.

Eigen 3.0.1

Released May 30, 2011

Changes since 3.0.0:

  • Fix many bugs regarding ARM and NEON (Now all tests succeed on ARM/NEON).
  • Fix compilation on gcc 4.6
  • Improved support for custom scalar types:
    • Fix memory leak issue for scalar types throwing exceptions.
    • Fix implicit scalar type conversion.
    • Math functions can be defined in the scalar type's namespace.
  • Fix bug in trapezoidal matrix time matrix product.
  • Fix asin.
  • Fix compilation with MSVC 2005 (SSE was wrongly enabled).
  • Fix bug in EigenSolver: normalize the eigen vectors.
  • Fix Qt support in Transform.
  • Improved documentation.

Eigen 2.0.16

Released May 28, 2011

Changes since 2.0.15:

  • Fix bug in 3x3 tridiagonlisation (and consequently in 3x3 selfadjoint eigen decomposition).
  • Fix compilation for new gcc 4.6.
  • Fix performance regression since 2.0.12: in some matrix-vector product, complex matrix expressions were not pre-evaluated.
  • Fix documentation of Least-Square.
  • New feature: support for part<SelfAdjoint>.
  • Fix bug in SparseLU::setOrderingMethod.

Eigen 3.0.0

Released March 19, 2011, at the meeting.

See the Eigen 3.0 release notes.

Only change since 3.0-rc1:

  • Fixed compilation of the unsupported 'openglsupport' test.

Eigen 3.0-rc1

Released March 14, 2011.

Main changes since 3.0-beta4:

  • Core: added new EIGEN_RUNTIME_NO_MALLOC option and new set_is_malloc_allowed() option to finely control where dynamic memory allocation is allowed. Useful for unit-testing of functions that must not cause dynamic memory allocations.
  • Core: SSE performance fixes (follow-up from Bug 203).
  • Core: Fixed crashes when using EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN or EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN_STATICALLY (Bug 213 and friends).
  • Core: EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN and EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN_STATICALLY are now covered by unit tests.
  • Geometry: Fixed transform * matrix products (Bug 207).
  • Geometry: compilation fix for mixing CompactAffine with Homogeneous objects
  • Geometry: compilation fix for 1D transform
  • SVD: fix non-computing constructors (correctly forward computationOptions) (Bug 206)
  • Sparse: fix resizing when the destination sparse matrix is row major (Bug 37)
  • more Eigen2Support improvements
  • more unit test fixes/improvements
  • more documentation improvements
  • more compiler warnings fixes
  • fixed GDB pretty-printer for dynamic-size matrices (Bug 210)

Eigen 3.0-beta4

Released February 28, 2011.

Main changes since 3.0-beta3:

  • Non-vectorization bug fixes:
    • fix Bug 89: work around an extremely evil compiler bug on old GCC (<= 4.3) with the standard assert() macro
    • fix Umfpack back-end in the complex case
  • Vectorization bug fixes:
    • fix a segfault in "slice vectorization" when the destination might not be aligned on a scalar (complex<double>)
    • fix Bug 195: fast SSE unaligned loads fail on GCC/i386 and on Clang
    • fix Bug 186: worked around a GCC 4.3 i386 backend issue with SSE
    • fix Bug 203: SSE: a workaround used in pset1() resulted in poor assembly
    • worked around a GCC 4.2.4 internal compiler error with vectorization of complex numbers
    • lots of AltiVec compilation fixes
    • NEON compilation fixes
  • API additions and error messages improvements
    • Transform: prevent bad user code from compiling
    • fix Bug 190: directly pass Transform Options to Matrix, allowing to use RowMajor. Fix issues in Transform with non-default Options.
    • factorize implementation of standard real unary math functions, and add acos, asin
  • Build/tests system
    • Lots of unit test improvements
    • fix installation of unsupported modules
    • fixed many compiler warnings, especially on the Intel compiler and on LLVM/Clang
    • CTest/CMake improvements
    • added option to build in 32bit mode
  • BLAS/LAPACK implementation improvements
    • The Blas library and tests are now automatically built as part of the tests.
    • expanded LAPACK interface (including syev)
    • now Sparse solver backends use our own BLAS/LAPACK implementation
    • fix Bug 189 (cblat1 test failure)
  • Documentation
    • improved conservativeResize methods documentation
    • documented sorting of eigenvalues
    • misc documentation improvements
    • improve documentation of plugins

Eigen 3.0-beta3

Released February 12, 2011.

The biggest news is that the API is now 100% stable.

Main changes since 3.0-beta2:

  • The "too many to list them all" category:
    • lots of bug fixes
    • lots of performance fixes
    • lots of compiler support fixes
    • lots of warning fixes
    • lots of unit tests improvements and fixes
    • lots of documentation improvements
    • lots of build system fixes
  • API changes:
    • replaced ei_ prefix by internal:: namespace. For example, ei_cos(x) becomes internal::cos(x).
    • renamed PlanarRotation -> JacobiRotation
    • renamed DenseStorageBase -> PlainObjectBase
    • HouseholderSequence API cleanup
    • refactored internal metaprogramming helpers to follow closely the standard library
    • made UpperBidiagonalization internal
    • made BandMatrix/TridiagonalMatrix internal
    • Core: also see below, "const correctness".
    • Sparse: EIGEN_YES_I_KNOW_SPARSE_MODULE_IS_NOT_STABLE_YET must be defined to use Eigen/Sparse
    • Core: random<interger type>() now spans over range of width RAND_MAX
  • New API:
    • Core: added Map static methods taking strides
    • SVD: added jacobiSvd() method
    • Sparse: many misc improvements and new features. Improved support for Cholmod, Amd, SuperLU and other back-ends.
    • Core: allow mixed real-complex dot products
    • Geometry: allow mixed real-complex cross products
    • Geometry: allow to pass Options parameters to Transform, Quaternion and other templates, to control memory alignment
    • QR: add threshold API to FullPivHouseholderQR
    • Core: added tan function
  • Const correctness:
    • Eigen now properly enforces const-correctness everywhere, for example with Map objects. This will break compilation of code that relied on former behavior.
    • A new kind of test suite was added to check that, 'failtest'.
    • Complete BLAS library built on top of Eigen. Imported BLAS test suite, which allowed to fix many issues.
    • Partial LAPACK implementation. Passing part of the LAPACK test suite, which also allowed to fix some issues.
  • Eigen 2 Support:

Eigen 3.0-beta2

Released October 15, 2010.

Main changes since 3.0-beta1:

  • Add support for the vectorization of std::complex<> with SSE, AltiVec and NEON.
  • Add support for mixed real * complex matrix products with vectorization.
  • Finalize the JacobiSVD class with: compile time options, thin/full decompositions, and least-square solving.
  • Several improvement of the Transform class. In particular, there is no default mode anymore.
  • New methods: middleRows(), middleCols(), TriangularMatrix::conjugate()
  • New unsupported modules: OpenGL, MPFR C++
  • Many improvements in the support of empty objects.
  • Many improvements of the vectorization logic.
  • Add the possibility to extend QuaternionBase.
  • Vectorize Quaternion multiplication with double.
  • Significant improvements of the documentation.
  • Improved compile time errors.
  • Enforce static allocation of temporary buffers in gemm (when possible).
  • Fix aligned_delete for null pointers and non trivial dtors.
  • Fix eigen decomposition of 3x3 float matrices.
  • Fix 4x4 matrix inversions (vectorization).
  • Many fixes in QR: solving with m>n, use of rank, etc.
  • Fixes for MSVC for windows mobile and CLang.
  • Remove the Taucs backend (obsolete).
  • Remove the old SVD class (was causing too much troubles, a new decompozition based on bidiagonalisation/householder should come back soon, JacobiSVD can be used meanwhile).

Eigen 2.0.15

Released July 16, 2010

Changes since 2.0.14:

  • Fix bug: certain cases of matrix-vector product (depending on storage order) were blocked by an assertion failure.
  • Fix LU and QR solve when rank==0, fix LLT when the matrix is purely 0.
  • Fix a couple of bugs with QR solving especially with rows>cols.
  • Fix bug with custom scalar types that have non-trivial destructor.
  • Fix for ICC in SSE code.
  • Fix some C++ issues found by Clang (patch by Nick Lewycky).

Eigen 3.0-beta1

Released July 5, 2010

See the announcement.

Eigen 2.0.14

Released June 22, 2010

Changes since 2.0.13:

  • Fix #141: crash in SSE (alignment problem) when using dynamic-size matrices with a max-size fixed at compile time that is not a multiple of 16 bytes. For example, Matrix<double,Dynamic,Dynamic,AutoAlign,5,5>.
  • Fix #142: LU of fixed-size matrices was causing dynamic memory allocation (patch by Stuart Glaser).
  • Fix #127: remove useless static keywords (also fixes warnings with clang++).

Eigen 2.0.13

Released June 10, 2010

Changes since 2.0.12:

  • Fix #132: crash in certain matrix-vector products. Unit test added.
  • Fix #125: colwise norm() and squaredNorm() on complex types do not return real types
  • Fully support the QCC/QNX compiler (thanks to Piotr Trojanek). The support in 2.0.12 was incomplete. The whole test suite is now successful.
  • As part of the QCC support work, a lot of standards compliance work: put std:: in front of a lot of things such as size_t, check whether the math library needs to be linked to explicitly...
  • Fix precision issues in LDLT. The isPositiveDefinite() method is now always returning true, but it was conceptually broken anyway, since a non-pivoting LDLT decomposition can't know that.
  • Compilation fix in ldlt() on expressions.
  • Actually install the Eigen/Eigen and Eigen/Dense public headers!
  • Fix readcost for complex types.
  • Fix compilation of the BTL benchmarks.
  • Some dox updates.

Eigen 2.0.12

Released February 12, 2010

Changes since 2.0.11:

  • EIGEN_DEFAULT_TO_ROW_MAJOR is fully supported and tested.
  • Several important fixes for row-major matrices.
  • Fix support of several algorithms for mixed fixed-dynamic size matrices where the fixed dimension is greater than the dynamic dimension. For example: Matrix<float,3,Dynamic>(3,2)
  • fix EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN: now it _really_ disables vectorization (was giving a #error unless you also used EIGEN_DONT_VECTORIZE).
  • Fix #92: Support QNX's QCC compiler (patch by Piotr Trojanek)
  • Fix #90, missing type cast in LU, allow to use LU with MPFR (patch by 'Wolf').
  • Fix ICC compiler support: work around a bug present at least in ICC 11.1.
  • Compilation fixes for computeInverse() on expressions.
  • Fix a gap in a unit-test (thanks to Jitse Niesen)
  • Backport improvements to benchmarking code.
  • Documentation fixes

Eigen 2.0.11

Released January 10, 2010

Changes since 2.0.10:

  • Complete rewrite of the 4x4 matrix inversion: we now use the usual cofactors approach, so no numerical stability problems anymore (bug #70)
  • Still 4x4 matrix inverse: SSE path for the float case, borrowing code by Intel, giving very high performance.
  • Fix crash happening on 32-bit x86 Linux with SSE, when double's were created at non-8-byte-aligned locations (bug #79).
  • Fix bug in Part making it crash in certain products (bug #80).
  • Precision improvements in Quaternion SLERP (bug #71).
  • Fix sparse triangular solver for lower/row-major matrices (bug #74).
  • Fix MSVC 2010 compatibility.
  • Some documentation improvements.

Eigen 2.0.10

Released November 25, 2009

Changes since 2.0.9:

  • Rewrite 4x4 matrix inverse to improve precision, and add a new unit test to guarantee that precision. It's less fast, but it's still faster than the cofactors method.
  • Fix bug #62: crash in SSE code with MSVC 2008 (Thanks to Hauke Heibel).
  • Fix bug #65: MatrixBase::nonZeros() was recursing infinitely
  • Fix PowerPC platform detection on Mac OSX.
  • Prevent the construction of bogus MatrixBase objects and generate good compilation errors for that. Done by making the default constructor protected, and adding some private constructors.
  • Add option to initialize all matrices by zero: just #define EIGEN_INITIALIZE_MATRICES_BY_ZERO
  • Improve Map documentation
  • Install the pkg-config file to share/pkgconfig, instead of lib/pkgconfig (thanks to Thomas Capricelli)
  • fix warnings
  • fix compilation with MSVC 2010
  • adjust to repository name change

Eigen 2.0.9

Released October 24, 2009

Changes since 2.0.8:

  • Really fix installation and the pkg-config file.
  • Install the NewStdVector header that was introduced in 2.0.6.

Eigen 2.0.8

Released October 23, 2009

Changes since 2.0.7:

  • fix installation error introduced in 2.0.7: it was choking on the pkg-config file eigen2.pc not being found. The fix had been proposed long ago by Ingmar Vanhassel for the development branch, and when recently the pkg-config support was back-ported to the 2.0 branch, nobody thought of backporting this fix too, and apparently nobody tested "make install" !
  • SVD: add default constructor. Users were relying on the compiler to generate one, and apparenty 2.0.7 triggered a little MSVC 2008 subtlety in this respect. Also added an assert.

Eigen 2.0.7

Released October 22, 2009

Changes since 2.0.6:

  • fix bug #61: crash when using Qt QVector on Windows 32-bit. By Hauke Heibel.
  • fix bug #10: the reallocateSparse function was half coded
  • fix bug in SparseMatrix::resize() not correctly initializing by zero
  • fix another bug in SparseMatrix::resize() when outerSize==0. By Hauke Heibel.
  • fully support GCC 3.3. It was working in 2.0.2, there was a compilation error in 2.0.6, now for the first time in 2.0.7 it's 100% tested (the test suite passes without any errors, warnings, or failed tests).
  • SVD: add missing assert (help catch mistakes)
  • fixed warnings in unit-tests (Hauke Heibel)
  • finish syncing Memory.h with the devel branch. This is cleaner and fixes a warning. The choice of system aligned malloc function may be affected by this change.
  • add pkg-config support by Rhys Ulerich.
  • documentation fix and doc-generation-script updates by Thomas Capricelli

Eigen 2.0.6

Released September 23, 2009

Changes since 2.0.5:

  • fix bug: visitors didn't work on row-vectors.
  • fix bug #50: compilation errors with swap().
  • fix bug #42: Add Transform::Identity() as mentioned in the tutorial.
  • allow to disable all alignment code by defining EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN (backport from devel branch).
  • backport the devel branch's StdVector header as NewStdVector. You may also #define EIGEN_USE_NEW_STDVECTOR to make StdVector use it automatically. However, by default it isn't used by StdVector, to preserve compatibility.
  • Vectorized quaternion product (for float) by Rohit Garg (backport from devel branch).
  • fix a warning in ei_aligned_malloc; fixed by backporting the body from the devel branch; may result in a different choice of system aligned malloc function.
  • update the documentation.

Eigen 2.0.5

Released August 22, 2009

Changes since 2.0.4:

  • fix bug: in rare situations involving mixed storage orders, a matrix product could be evaluated as its own transpose
  • fix bug: LU::solve() crashed when called on the LU decomposition of a zero matrix
  • fix bug: EIGEN_STACK_ALLOCATION_LIMIT was too high, resulting in stack overflow for a user. Now it is set as in the devel branch.
  • fix compilation bug: our StdVector header didn't work with GCC 4.1. (Bug #41)
  • fix compilation bug: missing return statement in Rotation2D::operator*= (Bug #36)
  • in StdVector, a more useful #error message about the #including order
  • add EIGEN_TRANSFORM_PLUGIN allowing to customize the Transform class
  • fix a warning with MSVC
  • fix a bug in our cmake code when building unit-tests (thanks to Marcus Hanwell)
  • work around a bug in cmake that made it fail to build unit-tests when fortran wasn't installed
  • in our cmake code, remove the part about retrieving the mercurial info and appending it to the version number in the dox
  • dox: remove the old example list
  • fix the option to build a binary library, although it's not very useful and will be removed
  • add basic .hgignore file and script to build the docs (thanks to Thomas Capricelli)

Eigen 2.0.4

Released August 1, 2009

Changes since 2.0.3:

  • Several fixes in the overloaded new and delete operators. Thanks to Hauke Heibel.
  • compilation fix: add the missing ei_atan2 function. Thanks to Manuel Yguel.
  • Use ei_atan2 instead of using std::atan2 directly.
  • several compilation fixes in the Qt interoperability code: methods toQTransform() and toQMatrix(). Thanks to Anthony Truchet.
  • compilation fix and simplification in Matrix assignment
  • compilation fixes in "a *= b" and "a=a*b" when a has to be resized.
  • remove a "stupid" version of ei_pow. for integers for gcc >= 4.3
  • bug fix in Quaternion::setFromTwoVectors()
  • several ctest improvements: use our own dashboard, use a separate project for the 2.0 branch.
  • documentation: improvement on the pages on unaligned arrays (the online copies have been updated immediately).

Eigen 2.0.3

Released June 21, 2009

Changes since 2.0.2:

  • precision and reliability fixes in various algorithms, especially LLT, QR, Tridiagonalization, and also a precision improvement in LU.
  • fix LLT and LDLT solve() on uninitialized result (was causing an assertion).
  • add Eigen/Eigen and Eigen/Dense headers for convenience
  • document a newly found cause for the "unaligned array" assertion
  • backport documentation improvements on transpose() and adjoint()
  • updates in the Sparse module (was needed to support KDE 4.3)

Eigen 2.0.2

Released May 22, 2009

Changes since 2.0.1:

  • Fix linearRegression() compilation, actually it is reimplemented using the better fitHyperplane() which does total least-squares.
  • Add missing setZero() etc... variants taking size parameters and resizing. These were mentioned in the tutorial but weren't implemented.
  • Fix posix_memalign platform check. This fixes portability issues. Thanks to Ross Smith.
  • Fix detection of SSE2 on the Windows 64-bit platform.
  • Fix compatibility with the old GCC 3.3: it is now fully supported again.
  • Fix warnings with recent GCC (4.4.0 and 4.3.3).

Eigen 2.0.1

Released April 14, 2009

Changes since 2.0.0:

  • disable alignment altogether on exotic platforms on which we don't vectorize anyway. This allows e.g. to use Eigen on ARM platforms.
  • new StdVector header with a new workaround for the problems with std::vector.
  • workarounds for MSVC internal compiler errors
  • MSVC 9 compilation fix (patch by Hauke Heibel)
  • fixes for various bugs in Maps/Blocks that could give wrong results
  • fix bug in 4x4 matrix inverse that could give wrong results
  • compilation fix in SliceVectorization
  • fix wrong static assertion (patch by Markus Moll)
  • add missing operators in aligned_allocator (thanks to Hauke Heibel)

Eigen 2.0.0

Released February 2, 2009