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Eigen::MatrixComplexPowerReturnValue< Derived > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename Derived>
class Eigen::MatrixComplexPowerReturnValue< Derived >

Proxy for the matrix power of some matrix (expression).

Template Parameters
Derivedtype of the base, a matrix (expression).

This class holds the arguments to the matrix power until it is assigned or evaluated for some other reason (so the argument should not be changed in the meantime). It is the return type of MatrixBase::pow() and related functions and most of the time this is the only way it is used.

Inherits ReturnByValue< MatrixComplexPowerReturnValue< Derived > >.

Public Member Functions

template<typename ResultType >
void evalTo (ResultType &result) const
 Compute the matrix power. More...
 MatrixComplexPowerReturnValue (const Derived &A, const ComplexScalar &p)
 Constructor. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MatrixComplexPowerReturnValue()

template<typename Derived >
Eigen::MatrixComplexPowerReturnValue< Derived >::MatrixComplexPowerReturnValue ( const Derived &  A,
const ComplexScalar &  p 


[in]AMatrix (expression), the base of the matrix power.
[in]pcomplex scalar, the exponent of the matrix power.

Member Function Documentation

◆ evalTo()

template<typename Derived >
template<typename ResultType >
void Eigen::MatrixComplexPowerReturnValue< Derived >::evalTo ( ResultType &  result) const

Compute the matrix power.

Because p is complex, $ A^p $ is simply evaluated as $ \exp(p \log(A)) $.

[out]result$ A^p $ where A and p are as in the constructor.

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