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Eigen  3.3.71
Deprecated List
Member Eigen::Aligned
Synonym for Aligned16.
Member Eigen::AlignedBit
Member Eigen::AlignedBox::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::AlignedBox::isNull () const
use isEmpty()
Member Eigen::AlignedBox::setNull ()
use setEmpty()
Member Eigen::AlignedScaling2d
Member Eigen::AlignedScaling2f
Member Eigen::AlignedScaling3d
Member Eigen::AlignedScaling3f
Member Eigen::ComplexEigenSolver< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::ComplexSchur< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::DenseBase< Derived >::flagged () const
it now returns *this
Member Eigen::DenseBase< Derived >::LinSpaced (Sequential_t, const Scalar &low, const Scalar &high)
because of accuracy loss. In Eigen 3.3, it is an alias for LinSpaced(const Scalar&,const Scalar&)
Member Eigen::DenseBase< Derived >::LinSpaced (Sequential_t, Index size, const Scalar &low, const Scalar &high)
because of accuracy loss. In Eigen 3.3, it is an alias for LinSpaced(Index,const Scalar&,const Scalar&)
Member Eigen::EigenBase< Derived >::Index
Since Eigen 3.3, its usage is deprecated. Use Eigen::Index instead.
Member Eigen::EigenSolver< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::EvalBeforeAssigningBit
means the expression should be evaluated before any assignment
Member Eigen::GeneralizedEigenSolver< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::HessenbergDecomposition< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::Hyperplane::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::LDLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::LLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Class Eigen::MappedSparseMatrix< _Scalar, _Flags, _StorageIndex >
Use Map<SparseMatrix<> >
Member Eigen::ParametrizedLine::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::ParametrizedLine::intersection (const Hyperplane< _Scalar, _AmbientDim, OtherOptions > &hyperplane) const
use intersectionParameter()
Member Eigen::RealQZ< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::RealSchur< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::SelfAdjointEigenSolver< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Class Eigen::SimplicialCholesky
use SimplicialLDLT or class SimplicialLLT
Member Eigen::Stride< _OuterStrideAtCompileTime, _InnerStrideAtCompileTime >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::SVDBase< Derived >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::Transform::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::TriangularViewImpl< _MatrixType, _Mode, Dense >::swap (MatrixBase< OtherDerived > const &other)
Shortcut for
Member Eigen::Tridiagonalization< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::VectorwiseOp::Index
since Eigen 3.3