Eigen  3.3.7
Deprecated List
Member Eigen::Aligned
Synonym for Aligned16.
Member Eigen::AlignedBit

means the first coefficient packet is guaranteed to be aligned. An expression cannot has the AlignedBit without the PacketAccessBit flag. In other words, this means we are allow to perform an aligned packet access to the first element regardless of the expression kind:

Member Eigen::AlignedBox< _Scalar, _AmbientDim >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::AlignedBox< _Scalar, _AmbientDim >::isNull () const
use isEmpty()
Member Eigen::AlignedBox< _Scalar, _AmbientDim >::setNull ()
use setEmpty()
Member Eigen::AlignedScaling2d
Member Eigen::AlignedScaling2f
Member Eigen::AlignedScaling3d
Member Eigen::AlignedScaling3f
Member Eigen::ComplexEigenSolver< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::ComplexSchur< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::DenseBase< Derived >::flagged () const
it now returns *this
Member Eigen::DenseBase< Derived >::LinSpaced (Sequential_t, const Scalar &low, const Scalar &high)
because of accuracy loss. In Eigen 3.3, it is an alias for LinSpaced(const Scalar&,const Scalar&)
Member Eigen::DenseBase< Derived >::LinSpaced (Sequential_t, Index size, const Scalar &low, const Scalar &high)
because of accuracy loss. In Eigen 3.3, it is an alias for LinSpaced(Index,const Scalar&,const Scalar&)
Member Eigen::EigenBase< Derived >::Index
Since Eigen 3.3, its usage is deprecated. Use Eigen::Index instead.
Member Eigen::EigenSolver< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::EvalBeforeAssigningBit
means the expression should be evaluated before any assignment
Member Eigen::GeneralizedEigenSolver< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::HessenbergDecomposition< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::Hyperplane< _Scalar, _AmbientDim, _Options >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::LDLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::LLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Class Eigen::MappedSparseMatrix< _Scalar, _Flags, _StorageIndex >

Use Map<SparseMatrix<> >

Member Eigen::ParametrizedLine< _Scalar, _AmbientDim, _Options >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::ParametrizedLine< _Scalar, _AmbientDim, _Options >::intersection (const Hyperplane< _Scalar, _AmbientDim, OtherOptions > &hyperplane) const
use intersectionParameter()
Member Eigen::RealQZ< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::RealSchur< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::SelfAdjointEigenSolver< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Class Eigen::SimplicialCholesky< _MatrixType, _UpLo, _Ordering >

use SimplicialLDLT or class SimplicialLLT

Member Eigen::Stride< _OuterStrideAtCompileTime, _InnerStrideAtCompileTime >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::SVDBase< Derived >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::Transform< _Scalar, _Dim, _Mode, _Options >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::TriangularViewImpl< _MatrixType, _Mode, Dense >::swap (MatrixBase< OtherDerived > const &other)
Shortcut for
Member Eigen::Tridiagonalization< _MatrixType >::Index
since Eigen 3.3
Member Eigen::VectorwiseOp< ExpressionType, Direction >::Index
since Eigen 3.3