Eigen  3.3.7
Eigen::CholmodSupernodalLLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename _MatrixType, int _UpLo = Lower>
class Eigen::CholmodSupernodalLLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo >

A supernodal Cholesky (LLT) factorization and solver based on Cholmod.

This class allows to solve for A.X = B sparse linear problems via a supernodal LL^T Cholesky factorization using the Cholmod library. This supernodal variant performs best on dense enough problems, e.g., 3D FEM, or very high order 2D FEM. The sparse matrix A must be selfadjoint and positive definite. The vectors or matrices X and B can be either dense or sparse.

Template Parameters
_MatrixTypethe type of the sparse matrix A, it must be a SparseMatrix<>
_UpLothe triangular part that will be used for the computations. It can be Lower or Upper. Default is Lower.

This class follows the sparse solver concept .

This class supports all kind of SparseMatrix<>: row or column major; upper, lower, or both; compressed or non compressed.

Only double precision real and complex scalar types are supported by Cholmod.
See also
Sparse solver concept
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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Eigen::CholmodBase< _MatrixType, _UpLo, CholmodSupernodalLLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo > >
void analyzePattern (const MatrixType &matrix)
cholmod_common & cholmod ()
CholmodSupernodalLLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo > & compute (const MatrixType &matrix)
Scalar determinant () const
void factorize (const MatrixType &matrix)
ComputationInfo info () const
 Reports whether previous computation was successful. More...
Scalar logDeterminant () const
CholmodSupernodalLLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo > & setShift (const RealScalar &offset)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Eigen::SparseSolverBase< CholmodSupernodalLLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo > >
const Solve< CholmodSupernodalLLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo >, Rhs > solve (const MatrixBase< Rhs > &b) const
const Solve< CholmodSupernodalLLT< _MatrixType, _UpLo >, Rhs > solve (const SparseMatrixBase< Rhs > &b) const
 SparseSolverBase ()

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