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Eigen  3.3.9
#include <Eigen/Sparse>
#include <vector>
#include <QImage>
typedef Eigen::SparseMatrix<double> SpMat; // declares a column-major sparse matrix type of double
void insertCoefficient(int id, int i, int j, double w, std::vector<T>& coeffs,
Eigen::VectorXd& b, const Eigen::VectorXd& boundary)
int n = int(boundary.size());
int id1 = i+j*n;
if(i==-1 || i==n) b(id) -= w * boundary(j); // constrained coefficient
else if(j==-1 || j==n) b(id) -= w * boundary(i); // constrained coefficient
else coeffs.push_back(T(id,id1,w)); // unknown coefficient
void buildProblem(std::vector<T>& coefficients, Eigen::VectorXd& b, int n)
Eigen::ArrayXd boundary = Eigen::ArrayXd::LinSpaced(n, 0,M_PI).sin().pow(2);
for(int j=0; j<n; ++j)
for(int i=0; i<n; ++i)
int id = i+j*n;
insertCoefficient(id, i-1,j, -1, coefficients, b, boundary);
insertCoefficient(id, i+1,j, -1, coefficients, b, boundary);
insertCoefficient(id, i,j-1, -1, coefficients, b, boundary);
insertCoefficient(id, i,j+1, -1, coefficients, b, boundary);
insertCoefficient(id, i,j, 4, coefficients, b, boundary);
void saveAsBitmap(const Eigen::VectorXd& x, int n, const char* filename)
Eigen::Array<unsigned char,Eigen::Dynamic,Eigen::Dynamic> bits = (x*255).cast<unsigned char>();
QImage img(, n,n,QImage::Format_Indexed8);
for(int i=0;i<256;i++) img.setColor(i,qRgb(i,i,i));;
A versatible sparse matrix representation.
Definition: SparseMatrix.h:98
static const SequentialLinSpacedReturnType LinSpaced(Sequential_t, Index size, const Scalar &low, const Scalar &high)
Definition: CwiseNullaryOp.h:224
General-purpose arrays with easy API for coefficient-wise operations.
Definition: Array.h:47
Eigen::PlainObjectBase< Array< _Scalar, _Rows, _Cols, _Options, _MaxRows, _MaxCols > >::data
const Scalar * data() const
Definition: PlainObjectBase.h:255
Derived & setZero(Index size)
Definition: CwiseNullaryOp.h:515
A small structure to hold a non zero as a triplet (i,j,value).
Definition: SparseUtil.h:155
Eigen::DenseCoeffsBase< Derived, DirectWriteAccessors >::size
Index size() const
Definition: EigenBase.h:66
The matrix class, also used for vectors and row-vectors.
Definition: Matrix.h:180