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Bug 1542 - gcc-6 function multiple version didn't work with Eigen (target_clones)
Summary: gcc-6 function multiple version didn't work with Eigen (target_clones)
Status: NEW
Alias: None
Product: Eigen
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Core - general (show other bugs)
Version: 3.3 (current stable)
Hardware: x86 - AVX Linux
: Normal Feature Request
Assignee: Nobody
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Reported: 2018-04-12 00:22 UTC by Zhili Zheng
Modified: 2019-12-04 17:37 UTC (History)
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Description Zhili Zheng 2018-04-12 00:22:36 UTC
gcc-6 has a robust feature that can compile and dispatch different functions according to hardware supported. 

(One example:

However, when compile with Eigen
gcc-6 -msse2 -I$EIGEN_DIR

/* codes start 
#include <Eigen/Dense>

int func1(){
    ...Eigen releated...

*/ codes end

From the assembly view, Eigen compiled with only SSE2 support. The func1 do have avx512, avx2, and sse variants, but the contents are almost the same. 

I know Eigen decides the feature supported in the compile time (template), determined by the compile flags pass in. 

Is it possible to hot switch while target_clones gives different compile flags in his variant function? 

Thank you.
Comment 1 Christoph Hertzberg 2018-04-14 18:40:26 UTC
I don't see how this would even theoretically solvable.
Maybe it is possible to clutter all Eigen functions with __attribute__((target_clones( ... ))) and hope that inlining makes this magically work.

The alternative is to compile multiple versions of the function with different flags and link them together.
Comment 2 Nobody 2019-12-04 17:37:38 UTC
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