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Bug 940

Summary: configure fails with MSVC 2013 Community Edition(DartConfiguration.tcl not generated)
Product: Eigen Reporter: Björn Piltz <bjornpiltz>
Component: GeneralAssignee: Nobody <eigen.nobody>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: Compilation Problem CC: chtz, gael.guennebaud, jacob.benoit.1
Priority: Normal    
Version: 3.2   
Hardware: x86 - 64-bit   
OS: Windows   

Description Björn Piltz 2015-01-29 11:06:24 UTC
MSVC Community Edition is the new free (as in beer) edition of MSVC, replacing the Express Edition. 

I get the following error with Eigen 3.2.4:
CMake error : File <...>/Eigen3-build/DartConfiguration.tcl does not exist. [<...>\Eigen3.vcxproj]
  CMake Error at cmake/EigenConfigureTesting.cmake:44 (configure_file):
    configure_file Problem configuring file
  Call Stack (most recent call first):
    CMakeLists.txt:349 (include)

Calling cmake with "-DBUILD_TESTING=OFF" does not help, surprisingly.
Comment 1 Nobody 2019-12-04 14:08:27 UTC
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