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Bug 604

Summary: [feature request] triangularView < Eigen::Diagonal > ()
Product: Eigen Reporter: Kolja Brix <brix>
Component: GeneralAssignee: Nobody <eigen.nobody>
Status: CONFIRMED ---    
Severity: Feature Request CC: chtz, gael.guennebaud, jacob.benoit.1
Priority: Normal Keywords: JuniorJob
Version: 3.3 (current stable)   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
Bug Depends on: 99    
Bug Blocks: 1608    

Description Kolja Brix 2013-05-22 11:13:44 UTC
Dear Eigen developers,

to have a consistent API, wouldn't it be a good idea to provide

mat.triangularView < Eigen::Diagonal > ()



to access the diagonal of a dense/sparse matrix?
Comment 1 Gael Guennebaud 2013-05-22 11:41:13 UTC
Clearly not trough triangularView, but  mat.diagonalView()  could be a shortcut for:

Comment 2 Kolja Brix 2013-05-22 11:49:40 UTC
Ok, the shortcut would be great.

What about adding a solve() and solveInPlace() functionality?
Comment 3 Gael Guennebaud 2013-05-22 11:52:16 UTC
I would rather add the "inverse() *" and "* inverse()" feature to all other solvers, but that requires bug 99 first. Adding solve() is more straightforward for now.
Comment 4 Christoph Hertzberg 2014-11-02 18:54:24 UTC
I guess that's easy enough to be included to 3.3
Comment 5 Gael Guennebaud 2016-01-29 11:49:22 UTC
I'm leaving it for newcomers, this is an excellent junior-job to learn how to add a method with proper documentation, example, and unit-test.
Comment 6 Nobody 2019-12-04 12:20:17 UTC
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