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Bug 323

Summary: name of constant
Product: Eigen Reporter: Benito van der Zander <benito>
Component: Core - generalAssignee: Nobody <eigen.nobody>
Status: DECISIONNEEDED ---    
Severity: API Change CC: chtz, gael.guennebaud, jacob.benoit.1
Priority: Lowest    
Version: unspecified   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
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Bug Blocks: 331    

Description Benito van der Zander 2011-08-07 23:05:11 UTC
In Constants.h there is a definition "const int Infinity = -1;"

This is a very bad name, because it is easily confused with an constant for an actual infinity (i.e. INFINITY); and doesn't reflect the fact that it means the infinity norm.

You should use something like InfinityNorm.

(This becomes especially annoying if you use Qt Creator which autocompletes "INF" to "Infinity")
Comment 1 Gael Guennebaud 2011-08-23 09:22:50 UTC
We cannot change that name since that would break the API. Perhaps this could be considered for Eigen 4 in a very far future...
Comment 2 Benoit Jacob 2011-08-23 23:44:06 UTC
We can however introduce a new constant with the same value; and possibly mark the existing one as deprecated.
Comment 3 Nobody 2019-12-04 11:00:49 UTC
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