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Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
accuracy Numerical accuracy/stability bugs Search 5
alignment Alignment-related bugs Search 1
bloat Executable code bloat bugs none none
BuildSystem Any (cmake related) problems building Eigen tests or binary libraries. Search 6
Compatibility Fixes that are required to handle different platforms/compilers, especially with non-standard behavior. Search 3
crash Crasher bugs Search 2
Documentation The behavior of a function needs to be documented better. Search 8
JuniorJob This means that handling this task does not require deep knowledge of Eigen's internals. This is a good opportunity to start contributing to Eigen. Search 50
performance Poor performance bugs Search 8
test-needed A unit-test needs to be written to cover this bug, even if it's already been marked as resolved. Remove this tag once it's written. Search 23
wrong-result Bugs resulting in plain wrong results Search 7