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Eigen is a C++ template library for linear algebra

Select a component to see open bugs in that component.

Component Default Assignee
Cholesky Nobody
Core - expression templates Nobody
Bugs with expression trees, bad temporaries, aliasing...
Core - general Nobody
Core bugs that don't fit in other categories
Core - matrix products Nobody
matrix-matrix and matrix-vector multiplication
Core - vectorization Nobody
SSE/AVX/NEON/AltiVec vectorization and alignment issues
Documentation Nobody
Eigen documentation
Eigenvalues Nobody
Eigenvalues module
General Nobody
Eigen bugs that don't fit in other categories
Geometry Nobody
Geometry module
Householder Nobody
Householder module
Interoperability Nobody
Interoperability with other libraries, such as STL
Jacobi Nobody
Jacobi module. For JacobiSVD, see SVD.
LU Nobody
LU module. Also inverse and determinant.
QR Nobody
QR module
Sparse Nobody
Sparse module
SVD Nobody
SVD module
Tensor Nobody
Tensor module (unsupported)
Tests Nobody
Unit tests
Unsupported modules Nobody
All unsupported modules go there