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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1708 Eigen Core - g eigen.nobody CONF --- Higham-Tisseur Condition Number Estimation 2019-12-04
416 Eigen Core - g eigen.nobody DECI --- Why can't I have a Row Major Column Vector 2019-12-04
1061 Eigen Core - g eigen.nobody DECI --- Matrix operator== does not check for correct size and returns true for empty matrix comparisons. 2019-12-04
1218 Eigen Core - g eigen.nobody DECI --- (Optionally) prohibit to assign row expressions to column vectors (and vice versa) 2019-12-04
999 Eigen Geometry eigen.nobody RESO FIXE AlignedBox Volume/Empty Test Disagree 2019-12-04
1592 Eigen Core - g eigen.nobody RESO FIXE Segmentation fault on min/max visitors for matrices with a 0 dimension 2019-12-04
1596 Eigen Unsuppor eigen.nobody RESO FIXE change the include file in order to find Eigen Geometry modul in OpenGLSupport 2019-12-04
977 Eigen Core - g deanna.m.hood RESO FIXE Add stable versions of normalize() and normalized() 2019-12-04
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