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662 Eigen QR desire.nuentsa_wakam NEW --- Lapack APIs to Eigen QR 2019-12-04
648 Eigen QR eigen.nobody NEW --- Testcases for non-surjective but injective matrices for QR decompositions. 2019-12-04
659 Eigen QR eigen.nobody NEW --- SPQR module: error: no matching function for call to ‘Eigen::Map<... 2019-12-04
68 Eigen QR eigen.nobody NEW --- Blocked ColPivHouseholderQR 2019-12-04
236 Eigen QR eigen.nobody NEW --- qr_colpivoting_3 fails sometimes for rank 1 matrices. 2019-12-04
295 Eigen QR eigen.nobody NEW --- ColPivHouseholderQR does not really use user specified threshold 2019-12-04
471 Eigen QR eigen.nobody CONF --- Add true determinant() methods to the QR decompositions 2019-12-04
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