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Eigen 2.0.4

Released August 1, 2009

Changes since 2.0.3:

  • Several fixes in the overloaded new and delete operators. Thanks to

Hauke Heibel.

  • compilation fix: add the missing ei_atan2 function. Thanks to Manuel Yguel.
  • Use ei_atan2 instead of using std::atan2 directly.
  • several compilation fixes in the Qt interoperability code: methods

toQTransform() and toQMatrix(). Thanks to Anthony Truchet.

  • compilation fix and simplification in Matrix assignment
  • compilation fixes in "a *= b" and "a=a*b" when a has to be resized.
  • remove a "stupid" version of ei_pow. for integers for gcc >= 4.3
  • bug fix in Quaternion::setFromTwoVectors()
  • several ctest improvements: use our own dashboard, use a separate

project for the 2.0 branch.

  • documentation: improvement on the pages on unaligned arrays (the

online copies have been updated immediately).

Eigen 2.0.3

Released June 21, 2009

Changes since 2.0.2:

  • precision and reliability fixes in various algorithms, especially

LLT, QR, Tridiagonalization, and also a precision improvement in LU.

  • fix LLT and LDLT solve() on uninitialized result (was causing an assertion).
  • add Eigen/Eigen and Eigen/Dense headers for convenience
  • document a newly found cause for the "unaligned array" assertion
  • backport documentation improvements on transpose() and adjoint()
  • updates in the Sparse module (was needed to support KDE 4.3)

Eigen 2.0.2

Released May 22, 2009

Changes since 2.0.1:

  • Fix linearRegression() compilation, actually it is reimplemented

using the better fitHyperplane() which does total least-squares.

  • Add missing setZero() etc... variants taking size parameters and

resizing. These were mentioned in the tutorial but weren't implemented.

  • Fix posix_memalign platform check. This fixes portability issues.

Thanks to Ross Smith.

  • Fix detection of SSE2 on the Windows 64-bit platform.
  • Fix compatibility with the old GCC 3.3: it is now fully supported again.
  • Fix warnings with recent GCC (4.4.0 and 4.3.3).

Eigen 2.0.1

Released April 14, 2009

Changes since 2.0.0:

  • disable alignment altogether on exotic platforms on which we don't
vectorize anyway. This allows e.g. to use Eigen on ARM platforms.
  • new StdVector header with a new workaround for
the problems with std::vector.
  • workarounds for MSVC internal compiler errors
  • MSVC 9 compilation fix (patch by Hauke Heibel)
  • fixes for various bugs in Maps/Blocks that could give wrong results
  • fix bug in 4x4 matrix inverse that could give wrong results
  • compilation fix in SliceVectorization
  • fix wrong static assertion (patch by Markus Moll)
  • add missing operators in aligned_allocator (thanks to Hauke Heibel)

Eigen 2.0.0

Released February 2, 2009