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This is an old benchmark provided for the record. See the lastest benchmark for further details.

Here is the list of the libraries that we compare:

  • eigen2: ourselves, with the default options (SSE2 vectorization enabled).
  • eigen2_novec: ourselves but with SSE2 vectorization entirely disabled.
  • INTEL_MKL: The Intel Math Kernel Library, which includes a BLAS/LAPACK. Closed-source.
  • GOTO: The GOTO BLAS library. Non-free license.
  • ATLAS: The math-atlas BLAS library
  • ublas: The Boost::uBLAS library.
  • mtl4: The Matrix Template Library v4.
  • blitz: The historical Blitz++ library, which introduced Expression Templates. The reason for its poor performance in this benchmark, is that it's simply not intended as a matrix library. We still include it here because many people misuse it in this way.
  • gmm: The GetFEM/GMM library.

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