Eigen-unsupported  3.4.90 (git rev 67eeba6e720c5745abc77ae6c92ce0a44aa7b7ae)
EulerAngles module

Detailed Description

This module provides generic euler angles rotation.

Euler angles are a way to represent 3D rotation.

In order to use this module in your code, include this header:

#include <unsupported/Eigen/EulerAngles>

See EulerAngles for more information.


class  Eigen::EulerAngles< Scalar_, _System >
 Represents a rotation in a 3 dimensional space as three Euler angles. More...
class  Eigen::EulerSystem< _AlphaAxis, _BetaAxis, _GammaAxis >
 Represents a fixed Euler rotation system. More...


enum  Eigen::EulerAxis {
  Eigen::EULER_X ,
  Eigen::EULER_Y ,
 Representation of a fixed signed rotation axis for EulerSystem. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ EulerAxis

Representation of a fixed signed rotation axis for EulerSystem.

Values here represent:

  • The axis of the rotation: X, Y or Z.
  • The sign (i.e. direction of the rotation along the axis): positive(+) or negative(-)

Therefore, this could express all the axes {+X,+Y,+Z,-X,-Y,-Z}

For positive axis, use +EULER_{axis}, and for negative axis use -EULER_{axis}.


the X axis


the Y axis


the Z axis