Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename _Scalar, int _Options>
class Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >

The main skyline matrix class.

This class implements a skyline matrix using the very uncommon storage scheme.

_Scalarthe scalar type, i.e. the type of the coefficients
_OptionsUnion of bit flags controlling the storage scheme. Currently the only possibility is RowMajor. The default is 0 which means column-major.
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Public Member Functions

void finalize ()
EIGEN_DONT_INLINE Scalar & insert (Index row, Index col)
Index nonZeros () const
void reserve (Index reserveSize, Index reserveUpperSize, Index reserveLowerSize)
void resize (size_t rows, size_t cols)
void setZero ()
Scalar sum () const
 ~SkylineMatrix ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Eigen::SkylineMatrixBase< SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options > >
Index cols () const
const internal::eval< SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >, IsSkyline >::type eval () const
Index innerSize () const
Index nonZeros () const
Index outerSize () const
Index rows () const
Index size () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~SkylineMatrix()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Options>
Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >::~SkylineMatrix ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ finalize()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Options>
void Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >::finalize ( )

Must be called after inserting a set of non zero entries.

◆ insert()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Options>
EIGEN_DONT_INLINE Scalar& Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >::insert ( Index  row,
Index  col 
a reference to a novel non zero coefficient with coordinates row x col.
This function can be extremely slow if the non zero coefficients are not inserted in a coherent order.

After an insertion session, you should call the finalize() function.

◆ nonZeros()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Options>
Index Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >::nonZeros ( ) const
the number of non zero coefficients

◆ reserve()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Options>
void Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >::reserve ( Index  reserveSize,
Index  reserveUpperSize,
Index  reserveLowerSize 

Preallocates reserveSize non zeros

◆ resize()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Options>
void Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >::resize ( size_t  rows,
size_t  cols 

Resizes the matrix to a rows x cols matrix and initializes it to zero

See also
resizeNonZeros(Index), reserve(), setZero()

◆ setZero()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Options>
void Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >::setZero ( )

Removes all non zeros

◆ sum()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Options>
Scalar Eigen::SkylineMatrix< _Scalar, _Options >::sum ( ) const

Overloaded for performance

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