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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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\NEigenIterative scaling algorithm to equilibrate rows and column norms in matrices
 oCAlignedVector3A vectorization friendly 3D vector
 oCAutoDiffScalarA scalar type replacement with automatic differentation capability
 oCBDCSVDClass Bidiagonal Divide and Conquer SVD
 oCDGMRESA Restarted GMRES with deflation. This class implements a modification of the GMRES solver for sparse linear systems. The basis is built with modified Gram-Schmidt. At each restart, a few approximated eigenvectors corresponding to the smallest eigenvalues are used to build a preconditioner for the next cycle. This preconditioner for deflation can be combined with any other preconditioner, the IncompleteLUT for instance. The preconditioner is applied at right of the matrix and the combination is multiplicative
 oCDynamicSparseMatrixA sparse matrix class designed for matrix assembly purpose
 oCGMRESA GMRES solver for sparse square problems
 oCHybridNonLinearSolverFinds a zero of a system of n nonlinear functions in n variables by a modification of the Powell hybrid method ("dogleg")
 oCIncompleteCholeskyModified Incomplete Cholesky with dual threshold
 oCIterationControllerControls the iterations of the iterative solvers
 oCJacobiSVDTwo-sided Jacobi SVD decomposition of a rectangular matrix
 oCKdBVHA simple bounding volume hierarchy based on AlignedBox
 oCKroneckerProductKronecker tensor product helper class for dense matrices
 oCKroneckerProductSparseKronecker tensor product helper class for sparse matrices
 oCLevenbergMarquardtPerforms non linear optimization over a non-linear function, using a variant of the Levenberg Marquardt algorithm
 oCMatrixExponentialClass for computing the matrix exponential
 oCMatrixExponentialReturnValueProxy for the matrix exponential of some matrix (expression)
 oCMatrixFunctionClass for computing matrix functions
 oCMatrixFunctionAtomicHelper class for computing matrix functions of atomic matrices
 oCMatrixFunctionReturnValueProxy for the matrix function of some matrix (expression)
 oCMatrixLogarithmAtomicHelper class for computing matrix logarithm of atomic matrices
 oCMatrixLogarithmReturnValueProxy for the matrix logarithm of some matrix (expression)
 oCMatrixMarketIteratorIterator to browse matrices from a specified folder
 oCMatrixPowerClass for computing matrix powers
 oCMatrixPowerReturnValueProxy for the matrix power of some matrix (expression)
 oCMatrixSquareRootClass for computing matrix square roots of general matrices
 oCMatrixSquareRootQuasiTriangularClass for computing matrix square roots of upper quasi-triangular matrices
 oCMatrixSquareRootReturnValueProxy for the matrix square root of some matrix (expression)
 oCMatrixSquareRootTriangularClass for computing matrix square roots of upper triangular matrices
 oCMINRESA minimal residual solver for sparse symmetric problems
 oCPolynomialSolverA polynomial solver
 oCPolynomialSolverBaseDefined to be inherited by polynomial solvers: it provides convenient methods such as
 oCRandomSetterThe RandomSetter is a wrapper object allowing to set/update a sparse matrix with random access
 oCSkylineInplaceLUInplace LU decomposition of a skyline matrix and associated features
 oCSkylineMatrixThe main skyline matrix class
 oCSkylineMatrixBaseBase class of any skyline matrices or skyline expressions
 oCSplineA class representing multi-dimensional spline curves
 oCSplineFittingSpline fitting methods
 oCSplineTraits< Spline< _Scalar, _Dim, _Degree >, _DerivativeOrder >Compile-time attributes of the Spline class for fixed degree
 oCSplineTraits< Spline< _Scalar, _Dim, _Degree >, Dynamic >Compile-time attributes of the Spline class for Dynamic degree
 oCStdStemFunctionsStem functions corresponding to standard mathematical functions
 \CSVDBaseMother class of SVD classes algorithms