Eigen  3.4.90 (git rev 67eeba6e720c5745abc77ae6c92ce0a44aa7b7ae)

Detailed Description

This module provides an interface to the UmfPack library which is part of the suitesparse package. It provides the following factorization class:

#include <Eigen/UmfPackSupport>

In order to use this module, the umfpack headers must be accessible from the include paths, and your binary must be linked to the umfpack library and its dependencies. The dependencies depend on how umfpack has been compiled. For a cmake based project, you can use our FindUmfPack.cmake module to help you in this task.


class  Eigen::UmfPackLU< MatrixType_ >
 A sparse LU factorization and solver based on UmfPack. More...