Eigen  3.3.7
Eigen::SolverBase< Derived > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename Derived>
class Eigen::SolverBase< Derived >

A base class for matrix decomposition and solvers.

Template Parameters
Derivedthe actual type of the decomposition/solver.

Any matrix decomposition inheriting this base class provide the following API:

MatrixType A, b, x;
DecompositionType dec(A);
x = dec.solve(b); // solve A * x = b
x = dec.transpose().solve(b); // solve A^T * x = b
x = dec.adjoint().solve(b); // solve A' * x = b
Currently, any other usage of transpose() and adjoint() are not supported and will produce compilation errors.
See also
class PartialPivLU, class FullPivLU
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Public Member Functions

AdjointReturnType adjoint () const
template<typename Rhs >
const Solve< Derived, Rhs > solve (const MatrixBase< Rhs > &b) const
 SolverBase ()
ConstTransposeReturnType transpose () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Eigen::EigenBase< Derived >
Index cols () const
Derived & derived ()
const Derived & derived () const
Index rows () const
Index size () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Eigen::EigenBase< Derived >
typedef Eigen::Index Index
 The interface type of indices. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SolverBase()

template<typename Derived>
Eigen::SolverBase< Derived >::SolverBase ( )

Default constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ adjoint()

template<typename Derived>
AdjointReturnType Eigen::SolverBase< Derived >::adjoint ( ) const
an expression of the adjoint of the factored matrix

A typical usage is to solve for the adjoint problem A' x = b:

x = dec.adjoint().solve(b);

For real scalar types, this function is equivalent to transpose().

See also
transpose(), solve()

◆ solve()

template<typename Derived>
template<typename Rhs >
const Solve<Derived, Rhs> Eigen::SolverBase< Derived >::solve ( const MatrixBase< Rhs > &  b) const
an expression of the solution x of $ A x = b $ using the current decomposition of A.

◆ transpose()

template<typename Derived>
ConstTransposeReturnType Eigen::SolverBase< Derived >::transpose ( ) const
an expression of the transposed of the factored matrix.

A typical usage is to solve for the transposed problem A^T x = b:

x = dec.transpose().solve(b);
See also
adjoint(), solve()

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