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CwiseUnaryView< ViewOp, MatrixType > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename ViewOp, typename MatrixType>
class Eigen::CwiseUnaryView< ViewOp, MatrixType >

Generic lvalue expression of a coefficient-wise unary operator of a matrix or a vector.

ViewOptemplate functor implementing the view
MatrixTypethe type of the matrix we are applying the unary operator

This class represents a lvalue expression of a generic unary view operator of a matrix or a vector. It is the return type of real() and imag(), and most of the time this is the only way it is used.

See Also
MatrixBase::unaryViewExpr(const CustomUnaryOp &) const, class CwiseUnaryOp

Inherits CwiseUnaryViewImpl< ViewOp, MatrixType, internal::traits< MatrixType >::StorageKind >.

Public Member Functions

const ViewOp & functor () const
const internal::remove_all
< typename MatrixType::Nested >
::type & 
nestedExpression () const
internal::remove_all< typename
MatrixType::Nested >::type & 
nestedExpression ()

Member Function Documentation

const ViewOp& functor ( ) const
the functor representing unary operation
const internal::remove_all<typename MatrixType::Nested>::type& nestedExpression ( ) const
the nested expression
internal::remove_all<typename MatrixType::Nested>::type& nestedExpression ( )
the nested expression

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