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Eigen-unsupported  3.4.90 (git rev e3e74001f7c4bf95f0dde572e8a08c5b2918a3ab)
Eigen::TensorEvaluator< Derived, Device > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename Derived, typename Device>
class Eigen::TensorEvaluator< Derived, Device >

A cost model used to limit the number of threads used for evaluating tensor expression.

The tensor evaluator classes.

These classes are responsible for the evaluation of the tensor expression.

TODO: add support for more types of expressions, in particular expressions leading to lvalues (slicing, reshaping, etc...)

Inherited by Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorChippingOp< DimId, ArgType >, Device >, Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorConcatenationOp< Axis, LeftArgType, RightArgType >, Device >, Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorLayoutSwapOp< ArgType >, Device >, Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorRef< Derived >, Device >, Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorReshapingOp< NewDimensions, ArgType >, Device >, Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorReverseOp< ReverseDimensions, ArgType >, Device >, Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorShufflingOp< Shuffle, ArgType >, Device >, Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorSlicingOp< StartIndices, Sizes, ArgType >, Device >, Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorStridingOp< Strides, ArgType >, Device >, and Eigen::TensorEvaluator< TensorStridingSlicingOp< StartIndices, StopIndices, Strides, ArgType >, Device >.

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