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Eigen  3.3.90 (git rev 598e1b6e54ec51c2448b1a10d4354f165f0b083e)
Eigen::CommaInitializer< XprType > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename XprType>
class Eigen::CommaInitializer< XprType >

Helper class used by the comma initializer operator.

This class is internally used to implement the comma initializer feature. It is the return type of MatrixBase::operator<<, and most of the time this is the only way it is used.

See also
MatrixBase::operator<<, CommaInitializer::finished()

Public Member Functions

XprType & finished ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ finished()

template<typename XprType >
XprType& Eigen::CommaInitializer< XprType >::finished ( )
the built matrix once all its coefficients have been set. Calling finished is 100% optional. Its purpose is to write expressions like this:
quaternion.fromRotationMatrix((Matrix3f() << axis0, axis1, axis2).finished());

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XprType & finished()
Definition: CommaInitializer.h:121