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Eigen  3.4.90 (git rev e3e74001f7c4bf95f0dde572e8a08c5b2918a3ab)
Eigen::indexing Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

The sole purpose of this namespace is to be able to import all functions and symbols that are expected to be used within operator() for indexing and slicing. If you already imported the whole Eigen namespace:

using namespace Eigen;
Namespace containing all symbols from the Eigen library.
Definition: Core:141

then you are already all set. Otherwise, if you don't want/cannot import the whole Eigen namespace, the following line:

is equivalent to:

using Eigen::all;
using Eigen::seq;
using Eigen::lastN; // c++11 only
using Eigen::fix;
static const symbolic::SymbolExpr< internal::symbolic_last_tag > last
Definition: IndexedViewHelper.h:38
static const auto lastp1
Definition: IndexedViewHelper.h:53
static const Eigen::internal::all_t all
Definition: IndexedViewHelper.h:171
static const auto fix()
auto seq(FirstType f, LastType l, IncrType incr)
ArithmeticSequence< typename internal::cleanup_index_type< FirstType >::type, typename internal::cleanup_index_type< SizeType >::type, typename internal::cleanup_seq_incr< IncrType >::type > seqN(FirstType first, SizeType size, IncrType incr)
Definition: ArithmeticSequence.h:162
auto lastN(SizeType size, IncrType incr) -> decltype(seqN(Eigen::last-(size-fix< 1 >()) *incr, size, incr))
Definition: ArithmeticSequence.h:331