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Eigen  3.3.90 (git rev a8fdcae55d1f002966fc9b963597a404f30baa09)
Sparse linear algebra

Detailed Description


 Sparse matrix manipulations
 Manipulating and solving sparse problems involves various modules which are summarized below:
 Solving Sparse Linear Systems
 In Eigen, there are several methods available to solve linear systems when the coefficient matrix is sparse. Because of the special representation of this class of matrices, special care should be taken in order to get a good performance. See Sparse matrix manipulations for a detailed introduction about sparse matrices in Eigen. This page lists the sparse solvers available in Eigen. The main steps that are common to all these linear solvers are introduced as well. Depending on the properties of the matrix, the desired accuracy, the end-user is able to tune those steps in order to improve the performance of its code. Note that it is not required to know deeply what's hiding behind these steps: the last section presents a benchmark routine that can be easily used to get an insight on the performance of all the available solvers.
 Matrix-free solvers
 Iterative solvers such as ConjugateGradient and BiCGSTAB can be used in a matrix free context. To this end, user must provide a wrapper class inheriting EigenBase<> and implementing the following methods:
 Quick reference guide for sparse matrices