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Eigen  3.3.90 (git rev a8fdcae55d1f002966fc9b963597a404f30baa09)

Detailed Description


 SparseCore module
 This module provides a sparse matrix representation, and basic associated matrix manipulations and operations.
 OrderingMethods module
 This module is currently for internal use only.
 SparseCholesky module
 This module currently provides two variants of the direct sparse Cholesky decomposition for selfadjoint (hermitian) matrices. Those decompositions are accessible via the following classes:
 SparseLU module
 This module defines a supernodal factorization of general sparse matrices. The code is fully optimized for supernode-panel updates with specialized kernels. Please, see the documentation of the SparseLU class for more details.
 SparseQR module
 Provides QR decomposition for sparse matrices.
 IterativeLinearSolvers module
 This module currently provides iterative methods to solve problems of the form A x = b, where A is a squared matrix, usually very large and sparse. Those solvers are accessible via the following classes:
 Sparse meta-module
 Meta-module including all related modules:
 Support modules
 Category of modules which add support for external libraries.