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Eigen  3.4.99 (git rev 10c77b0ff44d0b9cb0b252cfa0ccaaa39d3c5da4)
Eigen::symbolic::SymbolExpr< tag > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename tag>
class Eigen::symbolic::SymbolExpr< tag >

Expression of a symbol uniquely identified by the template parameter type tag

+ Inheritance diagram for Eigen::symbolic::SymbolExpr< tag >:

Public Types

typedef tag Tag

Public Member Functions

SymbolValue< Tagoperator= (Index val) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Eigen::symbolic::BaseExpr< SymbolExpr< tag > >
Index eval (const T &values) const

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Tag

template<typename tag >
typedef tag Eigen::symbolic::SymbolExpr< tag >::Tag

Alias to the template parameter tag

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

template<typename tag >
SymbolValue<Tag> Eigen::symbolic::SymbolExpr< tag >::operator= ( Index  val) const

Associate the value val to the given symbol *this, uniquely identified by its Tag.

The returned object should be passed to ExprBase::eval() to evaluate a given expression with this specified runtime-time value.

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