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Eigen  3.3.90 (git rev 4a77eda1fdaebd7f92d587dfc0158a20dc0d2625)
Eigen::SimplicialCholesky Class Reference

Detailed Description

Public Member Functions

void analyzePattern (const MatrixType &a)
SimplicialCholeskycompute (const MatrixType &matrix)
void factorize (const MatrixType &a)

Member Function Documentation

◆ analyzePattern()

void Eigen::SimplicialCholesky::analyzePattern ( const MatrixType &  a)

Performs a symbolic decomposition on the sparcity of matrix.

This function is particularly useful when solving for several problems having the same structure.

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◆ compute()

SimplicialCholesky& Eigen::SimplicialCholesky::compute ( const MatrixType &  matrix)

Computes the sparse Cholesky decomposition of matrix

◆ factorize()

void Eigen::SimplicialCholesky::factorize ( const MatrixType &  a)

Performs a numeric decomposition of matrix

The given matrix must has the same sparcity than the matrix on which the symbolic decomposition has been performed.

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